Friday, April 8, 2011

Box of Humaira'

This is a busy month. In two swings of guilt but cannot do anything but focusing the main tasks. For those who know management well, please contribute something into Medicophilic Month. A girl with self-management and emotions issue stepped out. Well, technically not ‘stepped out’ but ‘taken rest’ until she cope well. She almost swears not to come back to Malaysia until a ‘mumtaz’ comes into the Exam Result Sheets. This year, insya Allah, M plans to stand in the heat of summer.

“Masuk r public speaking”

Days later, it analysed the becoming track of the contest.

[[[[[[analyzing]]]]]]   ’IMPROMPTU  part’.

Sarcastically splendid. Aiyaa. The brain did not prepare for this.

It set a monologue, “Huargh! Need an instructor, or my high school English & EST teacher. Need triple meticulous master plan.” It turned insanely anxious, naturally. It cancelled to participate. Paranoid si paranoid.

One day,
“Ko mmg dah biasa ye public speaking ni?”

It made a clear statement, “I’ve been in speech competition, not public speaking.” Shall I be specific? Shh, it was called ‘Syarahan Agama’ back in old days, during G Project era. Even if there were more bites for G Project, I still prayed back then, may my words hit me back at least for a small percent. Till now, I hope the forces bloom continuously. Hardly to admit, it fell and rose uncountable times. These competitions bring up memories. Nah, the most important thing is that many things happened too. Especially when I, err… How am I going to reveal this, that…

I accidentally exterminate the whole cooking video. For the second time, I brought disaster by my fingers on laptop. The first was when I exit the window after one fellow patiently downloaded a drama/video/whatever the thing is. Now this one’s a bigger problem. Couldn’t forgive myself and promised not to touch anyone’s work when no one to watch after. It’s a big lesson. Be a wise helper. Do more IQ and ‘common sense’ exercises. Yeah, boo.

Amoi 1: That’s what we call a BIGBIGBIG aiyo, tatayo…
M: Hmm.

It all settled as 8th of April is the food presentation day. Obviously, I am in the responsibility to present the Beit Humaira’s cook of love and friendship. Cewah. Tak tidurlah mlm ni si penghias kek. Good luck, guys. Allah will reward you for such patience. 

Anyways, in the end the folks got, “Patience is Virtue”
I got, “Haste makes Waste”. AGAIN.