Friday, October 3, 2014

I Palpated as Many as I Could

Three weeks there, I still did not find any reason to quit Medicine. Although I almost did when I failed to list out all groups of breast carcinoma T4 stage, I still think I want to do this. But lately, couple of days upon arriving Cairo, I doubt if I can be a doctor. I guess it was just part of adaptation from summer vacation mood to going back to Kasr al-Ainy Hospital.  

  •      T4a – The tumour has spread into the chest wall
  •      T4b – The tumour has spread into the skin and the breast may be swollen
  •      T4c – The tumour has spread to both the skin and the chest wall
  •      T4d – Inflammatory carcinoma – this is a cancer in which the overlying skin is red, swollen and painful to the touch

I was not alone during the posting. I met new friends. I met female students but they were in other departments. So, most of the time, I hung with three gentlemen as there was no other lady doing General Surgery elective posting. The last female student studying in Czech Republic we met had her last day on my first day there. Then, another male, a junior from Alexandria University came during my second or third week.

That makes one girl and four boys.

Anyways, I could bear with all the medical questions and criticisms from Medical Officers (MO). But this,

Awak dah ada boyfriend?” asked Dr. M, the MO with pleasant aura as she ended her advice about when to get married.

Kena cari dari sekarang.”

I felt like, not only did I failed in cancer staging, I failed in life. That is ridiculous. The equation does not work that way. Somehow, looking at my situation and awkwardness, I hate talking about this topic. Not the right time.

p/s: Each individual has their own plan.