Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Man is All Mine

“…I have passion in teaching, blah blah…”

Dr. Gadallah’s energetic introduction enlivened back my ambition to be a lecturer/teaching professor one day. I do not want to be a lecturer because my husband tells me so or because someone wants me to slow down work in the field.

I want to be a person who can help people access information with meaningful understanding. I want it to be fiery passion.

Our lecturers here in Kasr al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine have various techniques to keep us stay awake. Because everyone knows our brain capabilities.

Two hours non-stop monotonous lecture?  I should be thankful enough no epileptic attacks are involved.

I have seen there are quite a number who fall under the ‘X Factor-category’. One of them, Dr. B was fairly witty and knew well to win our hearts. Definitely patients’ favorite doctor, I think.

He interchanged in between that day’s lesson with jokes, personal stories and real-life questions.

“If your husband wants to marry another woman, will you…”

With due respect to women all around the world having rights to choose, I was certain to shriek, “No” but Dr. B left me no option.

“…will you allow him or KILL him?”

Female territory in that small lecture room was mute. Oh doctor, you gave most of us no option. I knew he did not mean ‘kill’ literally. I just prefer “Not allow” over “Kill him”. Gosh.

Then I heard my good friend who recently learnt to curse in English whispered to me, “Go to hell!”, intended for such question. Then, her wicked smile. 

I shouldn’t have let her watch that assassin movie.
I think I’ve planted the seed of a potential killer.

p/s: I thought I was the only mean one. I just love my friend.