Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Twelve Primitive Colours

“Though quiet she can produce good work. Results are satisfactory. Keep it up. “

Such was what my kindergarten teacher’s left in my progress card for the first and second semester.

Actually the first thing I discovered yesterday evening was my kindergarten certificate stating,

“On the recommendation of the faculty hereby confers on (my full name) who has satisfactorily completed the required studies – The Degree of Bachelor of Rhymes.”

Cool…  My first degree! Haha.

I was a quiet girl in kindergarten. I scarcely know everyone in my class. I only recognized few names. I was afraid to talk with other children sitting away from me. Hence the B’s for ‘Friendship’ column in the report card.

Today, I know every Malaysian student names from my batch in Cairo and eager to know more about them.

I’ll never forget a girl sitting in front of me. Whenever we have to use colour pencils, she’ll take out one pencil at a time while others are hided below the desk. That action always caught my eyes.

“How paranoid! As if everybody wants to steal your Faber Castle. Oh come on… WEIRD!” 
I thought.

It was weird, although I do envied a Faber Castle big set like those. But I’ve forgiven that behaviour due our age. Toddlers make mistakes, alright?

And I, the proud owner of Steadler Noris Club coloured pencil, who went insane when it was gone before found on that very small display table next to kitchen, could care less concerning the overrated Faber Castle. Muahahaha!

Tremelbye Kidergarten memories 1997.
 STAEDTLER Noris Club half-length coloured pencils 144 01NC12
I didn’t find the picture of year 1997 packaging.
(credits to Staedtler)