Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Image


 It was interesting. It was One Legacy Radio. A radio station filled with talks. There was a segment called, ‘Serenity’. The presenter was a female. She mentioned the word, ‘focus’ millions of times. The word stroked my heart.I humped a big load. 

Not sure what was the topic, I figured the whole speech was closely related to sincerity, how we FOCUS our intentions for the sake of Allah. 

We all have different struggles. Different patterns to match our capabilities. She mentioned ‘mujahadah’ too. As if understanding the struggle I’m going through every day where in certain circumstances I said,

“I’m so afraid of my own self.”
“I’m so tired I don’t change much.”


“Waa… I’m ugly outside and inside. I’m someone no one will marry." Dramas much? Tunjil kepala baru tau.

Amoi 1: Definitely overreacting.
M: Just kick me, ladies. :P

Turned left.  A white board written, 

FOCUS. The best doctor Muslim in the making.

The fact where our visions get blurred sometimes.
The fact suddenly, a voice on radio repeating one of  words you jot on white board.


That critical moment, your chocolates are finished. Your hands twirling for more.  You walk back and forth in your own spacious room, mild addiction. Okay ignore this. Ngee~

p/s: Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Shigella, Salmonella typhi, Proteus...sequence rhyming in my brain.
        Settle the bacteria, will settle the antibiotics. The Pharma-day will come soon.
Amoi 2: Tell me, your kitchen?
M: Cockroaches. INFESTATION! Kill them kill them all. Grr.