Friday, July 30, 2010

Planning 2010/2011 Look

People change, I have to change as years pass by. What if,

"Selalunya saya buat mcm ini, kali ini saya buat mcm ini pula," M said.
"Dulu lainlah, M budak-budak lagi. Sekarang M dah besar. Sesuailah tu," Mak replied.

I'm stepping into the new age. I am not the girl who used to be over-fascinated to rebellious musics. I prefer calling myself someone with vintage or classic taste. I'm so classic now. Not 'pinky winky' anymore. (Forget that statement, still can't take my eyes of pink). I had been satisfied with all the over-accessorized options. Simplicity describes me better. Purple is the colour of wisdom, can't deny that even since 5 years back then in my life. In my wardrobe, pink, purple and red. Well, I love to combine those colours to make a new stunning colour. Can you just imagine the beauty of that? Purple blended with red... Wow.

Now, I'm experimenting with turquoise and light blue. I'll say those two are some of exotic picks. As usual, 'vibrancy'  is my game. Believe it or not, one day, I 'fought' with the display doll in a shop just for this one single cardigan (that was a cardigan, I supposed). I never madly want something in my life but that bright blue... made my eyes sparkle. It was because the cardigan left hung inside only this --> green <-- I would never wear? So at the end, the doll had been left with a sleeveless inner... Sorry, Miss Doll. Whatever.

That's not the topic. It's about what you usually choose when you're in school days. What would be most practical for you but not really preferable because you are now in the university, you're taking good course and soon, you will be a wife of somebody. straight to the point, YOU'RE NOT A KID ANYMORE.

Let me remind myself, as an undergraduate in medicine,  I will spend the most of my youth to this field of knowledge. I will celebrate another 5 years, insyaAllah, my birthday not in Malaysia. I was flattered because I truly realised  I had mentally and physically prepared to be far from home for years. 

As one of my housemate mentioned that she cried on her first Eid in Egypt, I just enjoyed every moment as I can that glorious day. However, I can't guarantee I never cry in Egypt. Fitting in could be too difficult for some people. But hey! I'm adapting!

At about 7.00 pm, I just got back from my favorite salon near my place in Malaysia. I won't let any people touch my hair. Some may just let their good buddies cut their hair the way they want and I just smile once I took note of the fact. Of course, I'm not that type of folk.

Back home, I told my Mom, "Usually I chose ...... but today I randomly chose ......" She replied, "Those days you're just a small teen. Now if you choose ...... it will surely be inappropriate."

p/s: Haven't got Malaysia mobile phone no. yet.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Writing when it's Raining

Exam tamat.(4/7/2010)
I cried during Physiology oral exam because of tiredness. 8.00 am to 1.00 pm without meal. What was that??? And suddenly, AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM? bla3. Almost die. Tiredness KILLS. Tiredness makes you FORGET. Tiredness makes you MAD. HEHHHH!
Oh yeah, I was not a good listener. So now I’m considering taking back my words to the JPA officer saying that I wanted to take psychiatry. You got what I mean, readers. During exam weeks, I always find ways not to overhear people tumbling, “I’m scared”, “I don’t think I can make it”, “I want to go to Malaysia”, “I don’t revise everything” nor “Why I can’t remember???.”  I know this statement won’t help, but I really hope all of us will change for the better. Straight to your forehead, “PLEASE NO CHILDISH girls. Can’t stand it.” This is not specified to one person only. It includes myself.
Dinner 2010 tamat.(6/7/2010)
Ada org ckp mkn tak kenyang, tapi aku rasa ada hikmahnya juga. kalau aku dpt mkn kenyang, mungking aku akan pening. Mungkin aku akn dengki dgn mereka yg sentiasa boleh mkn di meja masing2 dari mula majlis hingga ke akhirnya. haha. Nasiblah. MC yg paling pendengki di semesta. Whatever.
Result. (2 Mumtaz, 1 jaiyid jiddan, 1 jaiyid).
Alhamdulillah. Alamak, busy sgt sekarang ni. Rumah oh rumah…
Balik Malaysia. (21/7/2010)
Tentu pramugari tu bengang padaku. hehe. Daku tertekan ‘butang memanggil’ itu byk kali. She says, “You can just push the button once”. In my heart, “I can’t see your face clearly (It was dark). Somehow, I imagine your wrinkled skin now”. From my mouth I said, “Opps, I accidentally pushed … (words became husky by terror.”
 Praying for His bless
Not getting the mood yet
Balik Mesir
Kembali sibuk?
Sepertinya aku kena guna masa dgn bijak cuti ni. Bila la nak menyelak buku ni. Takut byk yg hilang dari hati. Ingin mencari ruang utk sampaikan cenderahati tak seberapa kpd beberapa kwn.
I told off someone just now and I just don’t like it. Fear, anger, cares and sad. All those feelings mixed up together.
 I decided to start writng in proper language as much as I could. It is because I was very irritated by one Youthsays .com post, questioning how come we as the, ‘future hope’ can’t use proper language. Not being challenged by that, I think this time it just that I have much time to do so this holiday. Totally. Although I find that sometimes using full terms really consume my time, I’ll try. Make it just this post at least. I begin to feel empty and bored. As I expected. I don’t think my friends will have the same schedule as me. Till then, I got tones of business to catch up in Egypt. Furnitures, washing machine, the kitchen stove and other necessary equipments. Would this year’s Eid be joyful? I wouldn’t guess. As long as Mom is all feeling good here, I’m relieved. We can still move on with life.
Another annoyance is being ignored. Why am I so obsessed with this one sister? She just stopped messaging with me the last time I finally found her in Faceboook. Err, don’t get me wrong, I am not a stalker nor a fanatic. I just hate of being ignored. At least she could say, “Busy”, “We don’t really know each other”. Okay. That will be clear. But disappearing? As if Mr F told her that big secret of mine and thus she felt absurd about it. The ‘thing’. Huh.
(No, no, no. Do not ASSUME things, M)

Friday, July 23, 2010

On this Land

There's only one precious thing that got me to Malaysia, or I'll rather be struggling in Cairo's hustles. It is 'family'. Of course, I stand upon the sake of Allah, for His bless and pleasure.

"Errm what's up with these stuffs? haha. If there was me, I'll be the 1st fellow to stop those."
"Well it got worse when you're gone. She's just too 'powerful'. No one could stop her," brother replied, sarcastically.

I was the freaking weird gloomy daughter. I don't like mess and anything which will lead to it including decorating house by adding more bunches into the house. I do not like flowers especially the plastic ones. I preferred emptiness in my room and Mom and me once got issue about this. Anyway, as long as everyone happy, I'm happy. The way she remodelled our furniture arrangement, new mats and cupboards really surprised me. Even more shocking, I was kind of liking it. Our house is err, COLOURFUL? AND I WAS LIKING IT? Haha. I miss every beauty in this house. Now, it looks less empty after all.

The only thing I hate about Malaysia is that the silly memoirs I had been carried by. Other than that, I AM HOME!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hari ni kami dpt lagi dua kotak. moga cukup utk kemaskan mcm brg uhh... Naqiyan dgn murah hatinya membeli setin air berkarbonat sbb sian kt pakcik kedai. Dtg2 mintak kotak jerr.Takkan x beli apa2 kan??? common sense lah.Nga dok berkeliaran kt area Mounira utk slesaikan bbrapa hal uhh, terserempak r ngan akak atau maybe gadis sebaya bertanyakan mana nk beli sayur... Wow, ngan payungnya siap. sah bukan warga cairo. Perhaps from UK or Russia or some place cold... Hehe. Pastu wat kali kedua jumpa lg. kata mereka, misi membeli sayur mrk accomplished. Alhamdulillah. takde r malnourished mcm ak nti. haha aku malnourished ke? eh silap aku problem lain. bukan malnourished.

Duit "org tgh" dh settle, skg ni nga cari jln cne nak angkut mendalah2 yg bukan jerr milik aku & Naqiyan, tp gak, BUDAK2 yg dh chow ke Malaysia uhhh... haddoi... chill jerr... I`m always chill (as this far). we just have to work our plan, we can`t overdue the date. That`s all. About 11 days more before we make our way to the airport. 

Esk merancang utk keluar ngan sorg member. Insya Allah... Nk beli something gak.

Pd masa yg sama sgt bdebar utk result exam. ya Allah, selamatkanlah kami... Cuak nk mati ni wehh. lbey cuak dari nk tggu result SPM sbb at least SPM ak dah boleh agak bpe minimum ak dpt... skg tak ley dah... tak pass markah yg Cairo University nk, reseat exam a.k.a. `dhur thani` r jwbnya... tinggal tak nightmare je lg nih.

p/s: post tidak diolah dgn sempurna.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Mcm2 dh blaku sjak Final Exam selesai... Cerita selanjutnya ley tanya my housemate, Naqiyan Anis. mcm2 dh bliau ceritakan dlm blog dan rasanya sudah cukup menggambarkan pe yg telah terbentang kt dpan mata aku hari2 sbelum hari ni. Kami mneruskan hari2 kami berdua jela... mcm biasa, sbb half ahli Beit Humaira' balik Malaysia dah. Juga belum terlambat rasanya aku mngucapkan sekali lagi utk Liyana Nadhirah a.k.a. Yah, ahli baru beit Humaira'... We are proud of you!!! tahun '10/'11 beliau akn jadi org penting kami... Masa Dinner batch gen 09 bliau telah pun dilantik. maka pasni humaira' akn bwajah baru... ngee...

ada member bagi komen, kesian kt Yah nti asik dtg lmbt je ke kelas sbb ktorg. Oh my... Was it obvious? I mean, THAT obvious??? Xpe2, Humaira's akn cuba perbaiki hal tu. kami pun nak jadi student mumtaz gak... Pelan Pembangunan Beit Humaira' mmg kne disemak semula... ngeh3. 

Xdpt nk coretkan segala rasa di hati ni. laptop meragam, takmo tolerate ngan mana2 wi-fi... skg ni nga dok mnaip guna Adam. ye, adam nama laptop yg ak pinjam nih...warghhh... byk lerr ni duit nk kne kua kt Msia... nak set up balik everything for that fella (laptop)... maybe sbb ia xde nama kot. mcm baby yg tak bagi nama. kan ke dok molek uhh... apa2 la...Doakan kami selamat pulang dan pindah ke cawangan baru beit Humaira'!!! 

p/s: Naqiyan Anis: "aduh2... pnatnya kemas baju... mana air? mana air???"