Thursday, November 29, 2012

Switch Index Finger to Thumb

“Kalau tengah marah, jangan bercakap sebab yang tengah bercakap tu ego.”

(Hanis Zalikha’s FB status update)

Absolutely true! The second big Ego Accident of my life cost me full regret every time I go to sleep. The FB status, which I discovered tonight, reminds me of,
 “Kalau kita marah, orang akan nampak yg kita marah, bukan mesej yang kita nak sampaikan. Acik (makcik) guru disiplin tak bawak rotan pun, guna pendekatan psikologi.”

(Makcik X, my relative)

Very useful advice. The good thing about me is that I never hide my true emotions most of the time. What you see is what inside. Okay, not a 100% of it but yes, most often.

However, I am not one who expresses anger by negligence and silence. I respond with voice. To be specific, loud voice which is full of amplified negative energy.

Still, people closed to me are not haters. Alhamdulillah.

After we lashed a person, our anger might be soothed down, but what about the internal consequences on that other person whom we yell at? Our problem will not settle.

You know how it feels like to be hurt, how it feels when someone treats you the way you’re unpleasant of, then why do the same?

By the way, at the end of my conversation with Makcik X, she said, Bagus dia ni. Pendengar yang baik.

Pendengar Yang Baik a.k.a. A Good Listener

Eid Fitri passed by so fast, until one night at Beit Zahra’, Abou Risy,

N: "Bagus kan M ni, dengar je."
L: "Eh… M memang pendengar yang baik. Aku bercakap dia dengar je."

Really? A good listener?

Because I slept for a while during Communication lecture today. I blame inappropriate passion to finish an article I've to submit this December. Hehe. 

Amoi 1 & 2: Bring self control in your pocket, M.
M: Since I'm already as ugly and boring as my writings.

p/s: sleeping in a lecture is a catastrophic tragedy, boys and girls. Jot that down at once! Grr.