Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rolling Stone

“You look calm. Maybe Ophthalmology suits you after all. You love research too, am I right?”

Honestly, I do pray for calmness in this exam. I am just an average student. Worst thing can happen in Final Exam but I just need to be calm and keep going. Everybody knows how ugly it gets when I have my panic attack.

Being calm all day does not mean I do not cry at night. I even cried the night before my birthday. Or could it be the circadian rhythm? Anyways, one video literally saved my head.

Secondly, I decided not to aim any speciality now despite I do have interests in several areas. Not the perfect timing yet. It takes more than a fresh medical graduate.  

I miss Adik. This February will be his second visit to Cairo. First one was when he and my parents performed umrah. He was 17 that time. This January 7, he will turn 21.

In the meantime, 

 “I feel like throttling someone,” she said, either to express tension of studying or anger towards a person.

“You can throttle me,” I offered. I cannot remember if she actually throttled me or not. I think she did, gently.

“Which way would you like? Eh, differences between chocking, strangling, throttling… blah blah blah,” we recalled bits of Forensic Medicine before I returned to my room. I remember the days when I was fascinated by how we can estimate distance range of shooting just by examining the gunshot wound.