Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bleeding Case Twice but Not This

I should post something short inspired by blood. Because we medical students must find five minutes getaway from 'hemoconcentration', 'hematocrite value', 'complete blood count', etc.

For an amateur like me, ideas won't come out easily. So, as soon as something pops into my mind, I will grab whatever in my hands to scribble down. Sticky notes, mini note book and the latest, a file entitled, 'Confidential' in my Samsung Galaxy S3. Well not the latest from Samsung but the newer phone than my humble, simple Nokia. 

I accidentally delete everything. I don't know how it happened but it happened, All 'prototypes' survived except this little dark one. 

Kids, copying and pasting using keyboards are better than using smartphone. Not that smart, huh?

I can only remember, 

"She ran her dagger softly, from the boy's throat downwards. How she smelt like vanilla sedated him. That dagger was neatly secured into his chest."

"She hugged him so hard that her white robe stained with blood, as if not to let one drop on the ground."

"His smile faded but both he and Amaya were happy."

Something I would write for my high school essays. Ah those days. 

Despite I lost it, I don't think I'll rewrite the same thing. It won't be the same the second time.