Saturday, August 29, 2015

Raspberry Flavoured

I am happy that H still calls me BFF. I hope she had a smooth flight back to Dublin. I slept from 2 to 3.30 pm today. So now, at 3.04 am, I still cannot get myself to sleep.
A month at home meant a tremendous therapy for me. 

Basically, I talked to Adik about almost everything. From discussing the ‘Interstellar’ movie to whether Adik might or might not keep a pet in his own house one day, we are best friends at home.

He struck me when he asked, “Kak, kau balik bila?”

His next semester starts on September, in the same week I return to Cairo, probably a day late or early from September 5.

Tonight he asked, “Kak, perlu ke join usrah kat U?” which reminded me when I joked, “Kau tak join Sahabat Surau? Bagus betul ni ada kawan kau jadi Sahabat Surau.” Sometimes I wonder if my younger brother is able to take me seriously. Because I make stupid jokes all time.

I don’t exactly recall his reply but I did spontaneously said, “Kadang – kadang kau perlukan pedoman time kat U,” regarding the usrah thing.

The previous week or two, I once said to him, “Aku pun bukanlah budak usrah. Tak berapa nak ‘semangat tarbiyah’ (Adik and I giggle). Apatah lagi kemalasan tak terbendung.” Nothing funny about it but we laughed. You know… That kind of laugh during a decent conversation with the loved one. No need for jokes. We do not get that every day, do we?

I am such a bad influence. But hey, campus life is so much more exciting that you do not need your sister to figure things out. 

p/s: Just me and my second mug of tea.