Sunday, July 12, 2015

Angel Who Fell

We should not consume it before fasting. But it is so magical that it helps me solving conflict and stress many times! I drank the whole mug at about 2.30 am. I am still fine right now. Oh my coffee...

With coffee, my breathing is tremendous and I don’t easily weep over all my stupidities. Even if I do, I don’t feel as remorse as I would have. I guess caffeine magnifies the cerebral transmission while leaving the sober areas in good pace.

Anyways recently, H posted, “I miss her but I couldn't get over the fact that our friendship was broken just because of a guy, years before.”

I stalked H, my best friend from high school. I know, how pathetic is that, right? She will be so mad if she knows. Hehe. 

“…Maybe it’s about time to forget…,”in another post. Luckily I was not too emotional reading the post. Thanks once again, coffee.

I am surprised H still recalls the event. I mean, she made new friends in her college. Practically, she is living a happier life and being friendly as she always is. I cannot believe she is affected by what happened when we were sixteen.

As Ramadhan 2015 is about to end, I aim to be more friendly and love people more. I feel I do not love people enough. Maybe all the dramas  come from hatred within myself. Perhaps if I love people more, all the love will come back to me. So no issues of back stabbing or whatever.