Sunday, July 25, 2010

Writing when it's Raining

Exam tamat.(4/7/2010)
I cried during Physiology oral exam because of tiredness. 8.00 am to 1.00 pm without meal. What was that??? And suddenly, AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM? bla3. Almost die. Tiredness KILLS. Tiredness makes you FORGET. Tiredness makes you MAD. HEHHHH!
Oh yeah, I was not a good listener. So now I’m considering taking back my words to the JPA officer saying that I wanted to take psychiatry. You got what I mean, readers. During exam weeks, I always find ways not to overhear people tumbling, “I’m scared”, “I don’t think I can make it”, “I want to go to Malaysia”, “I don’t revise everything” nor “Why I can’t remember???.”  I know this statement won’t help, but I really hope all of us will change for the better. Straight to your forehead, “PLEASE NO CHILDISH girls. Can’t stand it.” This is not specified to one person only. It includes myself.
Dinner 2010 tamat.(6/7/2010)
Ada org ckp mkn tak kenyang, tapi aku rasa ada hikmahnya juga. kalau aku dpt mkn kenyang, mungking aku akan pening. Mungkin aku akn dengki dgn mereka yg sentiasa boleh mkn di meja masing2 dari mula majlis hingga ke akhirnya. haha. Nasiblah. MC yg paling pendengki di semesta. Whatever.
Result. (2 Mumtaz, 1 jaiyid jiddan, 1 jaiyid).
Alhamdulillah. Alamak, busy sgt sekarang ni. Rumah oh rumah…
Balik Malaysia. (21/7/2010)
Tentu pramugari tu bengang padaku. hehe. Daku tertekan ‘butang memanggil’ itu byk kali. She says, “You can just push the button once”. In my heart, “I can’t see your face clearly (It was dark). Somehow, I imagine your wrinkled skin now”. From my mouth I said, “Opps, I accidentally pushed … (words became husky by terror.”
 Praying for His bless
Not getting the mood yet
Balik Mesir
Kembali sibuk?
Sepertinya aku kena guna masa dgn bijak cuti ni. Bila la nak menyelak buku ni. Takut byk yg hilang dari hati. Ingin mencari ruang utk sampaikan cenderahati tak seberapa kpd beberapa kwn.
I told off someone just now and I just don’t like it. Fear, anger, cares and sad. All those feelings mixed up together.
 I decided to start writng in proper language as much as I could. It is because I was very irritated by one Youthsays .com post, questioning how come we as the, ‘future hope’ can’t use proper language. Not being challenged by that, I think this time it just that I have much time to do so this holiday. Totally. Although I find that sometimes using full terms really consume my time, I’ll try. Make it just this post at least. I begin to feel empty and bored. As I expected. I don’t think my friends will have the same schedule as me. Till then, I got tones of business to catch up in Egypt. Furnitures, washing machine, the kitchen stove and other necessary equipments. Would this year’s Eid be joyful? I wouldn’t guess. As long as Mom is all feeling good here, I’m relieved. We can still move on with life.
Another annoyance is being ignored. Why am I so obsessed with this one sister? She just stopped messaging with me the last time I finally found her in Faceboook. Err, don’t get me wrong, I am not a stalker nor a fanatic. I just hate of being ignored. At least she could say, “Busy”, “We don’t really know each other”. Okay. That will be clear. But disappearing? As if Mr F told her that big secret of mine and thus she felt absurd about it. The ‘thing’. Huh.
(No, no, no. Do not ASSUME things, M)

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