Friday, July 23, 2010

On this Land

There's only one precious thing that got me to Malaysia, or I'll rather be struggling in Cairo's hustles. It is 'family'. Of course, I stand upon the sake of Allah, for His bless and pleasure.

"Errm what's up with these stuffs? haha. If there was me, I'll be the 1st fellow to stop those."
"Well it got worse when you're gone. She's just too 'powerful'. No one could stop her," brother replied, sarcastically.

I was the freaking weird gloomy daughter. I don't like mess and anything which will lead to it including decorating house by adding more bunches into the house. I do not like flowers especially the plastic ones. I preferred emptiness in my room and Mom and me once got issue about this. Anyway, as long as everyone happy, I'm happy. The way she remodelled our furniture arrangement, new mats and cupboards really surprised me. Even more shocking, I was kind of liking it. Our house is err, COLOURFUL? AND I WAS LIKING IT? Haha. I miss every beauty in this house. Now, it looks less empty after all.

The only thing I hate about Malaysia is that the silly memoirs I had been carried by. Other than that, I AM HOME!!!

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