Friday, May 14, 2010

Lost in the Best Time

Sajak kt bawah ni rsnya ak pna post kt blog Myspace, or somehere you readers won’t care. but rather was it an amateur version. start ‘terjebak’ dlm tulis2 sajak ni sjak darjah 6. ak pn x ingat mana ak ltak sajak pertama ak tulis. I remember there was the time one boy named Subramaniam said, “would you like to recite that poem?” That is if I wasn’t mistaken. Or even if I was deaf, doesn’t even matter.

These lines are just to imagine a friend claimed itself a loser and was truly ashamed to show what kind of failure he or she is. Don’t think this is according to poetic standards. Don’t think this will be clearly understood. I’ve read that to write a poem, too complicated ‘vocabs’ are unnecessary. Never thought mine was a deadly old-English bombastic though. Whatsoever, too bad for that friend in this case, still losing life to its last breathe?

Lost in the Best Time

You are lost
You make people grossed

I am away
You have no one to play
I guess you’re still in pray
To halt our hug, stare

Water in the stream flows
This future has no hint to glow
There I imagine hopes grow
At least for you, mellow fellow

You sick of silence
Shade every way on land
Shift all doubts
Free the best pigeons
Fight questions day and night
Suppose I lost from your sight

I told off guys who broke your heart
Yesterday was my personal heartbreak
I made jokes for those bright eyes of yours
Today my eyes glimmered in tears
I promised I won’t let you down
Tomorrow’s dawn my massive disaster
We dreamt to be someone
I wished I am nobody

By years of bad reputation
Sadness is what I do not have to mention
Bitterness is all I must churn

Say I return by the coast
Say you greet me with smile and pose
These surely cost me
Pounds of shame and yards of regret the least

Maya Dealove,
(23rd April 2010, Friday, 12.13 pm)

p/s: psl grammar uhh, pencinta bahasa xyah ssh2 wat mogok lapar lak dpan uma ak.

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