Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mother's Lipstick

This is funny. A friend enquired about ‘when do I eat in-between-meals (because she said I seem rarely to eat other than main meals)', ‘which feature I fancy in a guy’, ‘do I have a hobby’, etc.

In short, “What are my other interests?”

Once I think I’m cool. The mysterious kind of ‘cool’. On second thought, 

“What am I?”

To assure that I am not a heartless creature, a freak, I must state that I just try to be careful, not to flatter too much any comforting, sweet and pleasant things.

Like when I saw Barbie dolls back in my childhood, take few minutes admiring, and then borrowing it for a while. Later,

“That doll will be outdated anyways. I can imagine it being a lonely ugly plastic one day. Not worth it.”

“There you go, I’m satisfied with this boring, smiling doll.”
in my head, as I returned the fallacious projection of womanhood.

I rather draw, fantasize, pester my little brother or break some laws than asking for a doll.

I usually admonish myself from certain adornment. Or maybe, I already have my own obsession that I find other things are insignificant.

Plus, I get bored easily that I can’t stick to one subject for sparkles. Thus, the blue blouse paired with clumsy red skirt on Wednesday. Skirt malfunction totally broke my boredom. One or two female classmates  called out, 

“What’s with the combination?”

I really wanted to say,

“It’s a mundane Wednesday. Also, this is my mother’s vintage.”

p/s: vintage lah sangat!

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