Sunday, January 10, 2016


I think it is getting interesting when two of the OSCE examiners mentioned about how different I looked in my student ID. Oh well, we use the exact same picture when we were all 18 years old. Now that I am 25, is not that logic? 

What made it more obvious was because my cheeks are way less chubby. Now I knew why H had this shocking expression when she saw me during our gathering at my house a couple of years ago. That was the result of living tough life in Cairo, baby!

I should probably take albendazole, followed by Appeton Weight Gain and eating proper food. Haha. Then of course, more exercise to increase my stamina. 

Apart from climbing up and down 9 flights of stairs every day, the last time I actually did exercise was during a trip to Bahriya, if arm wrestling does even counts. 

Andrology was good. Dermatology? I felt sorry for the sweet professor who had to listen to my silly answers. All went smooth at first. After that, when it comes to lichen planus and psoriasis, I got confused. 

I read Dermatology just the night before, man. The morning of exam, I only reached the scabies pages. How bad was that? Thankfully I got the vitiligo question too. Thanks to the late Micheal Jackson.

Aku nak lulus, wei!

p/s: There is nothing like watching L sleep. Any grammatical errors?

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