Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Shot: May I Suggest you Tylenol?

Day by day, she shut her mouth to me. I don’t know why I am always caught up by these kinds of phenomenon. Insya Allah, this is not an excuse for me to get diverted.

For me, whenever I fold out all the general causes, it turns into the only word. It’s the word ‘jealousy’... Phew, can’t help with that. Based on my experience (oh yeah, I was betrayed too much), it’s always about jealousy. It sucks deadly too hard!!!

Here it goes, while there are so many hearts to be caressed of, I just failed. It’s not the first time. Thereby I should be calm in handling such dilemma AGAIN ince and for all. Can’t people just be honest and tell what’s going on? Girls are by their nature, keeping silence a fortune.

Well if you want to know my dearest girls and beloved sisters, it’s not the way to act MATURELY. Not like that AT ALL... Everyone knows that ‘round-table heart to heart talk’ is all that we need. This idiocy is not Islam way. You got your best religious education than me. Not forget to mention, you are born to a harmony family, not like me. Now why can’t you just act adult a little bit?

This is a problem when I am too honest, for heaven sakes... I can just shut my big mouth if people want me so, so why can’t she just tell what’s going on now? I can accept teases, warnings and even a slap. Why don’t you just SLAP me? That is your way i.e. longing that ppl can actually guess what's inside you, when you deal with offenses. But it’s not the way we get ALLAH’S mercy and BLESS...

But keeping yourself in unwise silent seemed to be too inconvenient. You torch upon your own self and other people at the same time. I cannot make people do it my way and neither I could console people virtuously. Dear God, “HOW AM I GOING TO SETTLE THIS ANOTHER BUNCH OF FOOLISHENESS?”

I always say, “I am Maya Dealove, surrounded by human’s stupidities at all times (including my own ones...haha)”

Here it comes again, I got to go on. It’s a punishment? It’s a memento? No one else knows. I learn to be kind to people, but responses are opposite the way. I think it’s the past grudge, and then it has been fired up just lately, as we are about our way to Mid-Year Exam. It’s a test for me and her.

Hope I’ll succeed in my effort to change for the best.

p/s: Hmm, I’ll give it another shot. I promise I won’t lose my head. Maybe muka aku nih muka shial kot. ENTAH.


  1. ohh my goodness cik adik syg oiii..
    promise me not to say that words again.
    "muka shial".. tak.
    be tough girl.
    this time,, ur post wassss tooo.. hmm..
    like.. dah lama pendam ke apa. tak tau. hnya allah yg tau. u are what u are maya.
    saya always sokong apa yg awk buat.
    so... haiyak!

  2. thx for dat support...

    miss u sooo much...

    promise i'll bekind, but the 'muka shial'? haha...
    skali stahun jerr kot sbut...ley?