Saturday, February 26, 2011

It will be Between Us

Days before, I received official invitation by the moderator of our Gen 9 blog. Realizing the responsibilities present there, I'm too sorry that I haven't any suitable ideas for such modest site. Eleh, alasan terlebih. 

But hey, I really had this trauma, about one essay not long ago. Soon, I just can't publicize any articles nor essays. That critique, that 'syok sendiri' phrase. Okay whatever. It's trauma enough and full stop.

Who are 'us' meant in the topic anyways? The full topic should be, It will be Between Us: Me, My 'Amal, Munkar, Nakir and Allah knows best. 

Nyanyian Sepi 
by Opick

Langit bumi jadi saksi setiap detik yang berlalu
Hitam putih gelap terang di alam dunia
Semua wajah kan diuji dengan sesuatu yang dicintai
Harta benda dan segalanya semua kan binasa
Tinggallah namamu tinggalkan cintamu
Tinggalkan segala yang dipunya di atas dunia
Hanyalah dirimu hanyalah amalmu
Hanyalah sepimu menemani kesunyian di alam kuburmu
Tiada bisa manusia mengulur sang waktu
Bila tiba masa datang maut menjemputmu
Semua yang di mata semua yang cinta
Semua yang dibangga akan hilang akan sirna
Back to Reff
Barang siapa mengerjakan perbuatan jahat
Maka dia tidak akan di balas melainkan sebanding dengan kejahatan itu
Dan barang siapa mengerjakan amal yang soleh baik laki-laki maupun perempuan
Sedang ia dalam keadaan beriman maka mereka akan masuk surga
Mereka diberi rizki di dalamnya tanpa hisab
Tinggallah namamu tinggalkan cintamu
Tinggalkan segala yang di punya di atas dunia
Hanyalah dirimu hanyalah amalmu
Hanyalah sepimu menemani kesunyian

Back to Reff

There are days we have to deal ourselves. No one can help but us. We had to continue the journey at our own risks. Sometimes the word 'alone' or 'sepi' popped in when there's no one to talk to. I guess, there is worse 'loneliness' than the world's loneliness right? And there is better company for those filling their years in the sake of Allah...?

I fell in love with one nasyeed entitled 'Nyanyian Sepi'  by Opick.  About songs, I really take seriously the music arrangement, vocals and lyrics. This one is one that brings itself to my heart. Just minimum units of instruments always do the trick. 

Nasyeeds would be even better without music, original and afdhal.  Some people tried to make it contemporary but it didn't work but this one worked. Like I said, music arrangement, vocals and lyrics. All about balance in any masterpiece. Although you're writing short stories or novels, you put conflicts but still there's balance in it even it is without clear ending. Oh yeah, that statement needs very much of clarifications. 

I don't talk as a professional composer or any music experts, I am talking now, as a consumer who likes simplicity, originality and cleanliness in any art works. Okay this one is turning into a babble. I'll stop now. Haha.

p/s: I watched again the 'Sepi' movie  that day. Before of after this nasyeed? I don't know. heh. 

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