Friday, February 11, 2011


I need to go to a library 'NOW'!
I was too busy entertaining my emotion, I switched my phone reminder off. HEY! That's the reminder of Biochemistry assignment I was ignoring. What was it with M? 

Then I became rude. As usual when I'm tension, I tell people to shut up because I was struggling to think straight. Even if they were just trying to give suggestions to help me. Well, I have my own reasons. I just need to calm down first. My weakness. My ego. Huh. And now I made someone I love hurt. Arghh...! I just can't help it when,

I don't know how am I suppose to submit the assignment, being far from Cairo University. I don't have any emails of whom responsible to keep our Biochemistry assignment and suddenly someone tells me, 

"Email kat pensyarah la..."
I replied, "I tak ada email tu sekarang"

"Cuba tanya kawan..."
I didn't reply. My mistake but I was doing what was suggested.

"Lecturer ada FB tak...?"
I didn't reply. Another mistake. I angrily thought the FB idea was a little bit lame. I don't know why.

"Takkan dia tak ada FB..."
then I told it to shut up and at the end of the sentence to make it understand, " tgh pening ni..."

Too many words make M dizzy ESPECIALLY when the adrenaline level has not been stabled YET. I DIDN'T MEAN TO BE RUDE.

All that I recall now is that there's one email I've jotted down and how 'lucky', I wrote the email address in my Biochemistry textbook which I LEFT IN EGYPT!!!

And now, thanks, YOU made me feel guilty. I hope YOU understand me very much. Aduh... Tension bertambah. 

p/s: don't ever try to figure out who's 'it'. And it's not BF. 

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