Thursday, June 30, 2011

M's Straight Head

Because of this one person I never meet but so friendly, I made one short post to break down the silence of this humble blog. Mari layan M berpoyo-poyoan. 

To begin with, let us recall one word, 'gratefulness'. I hope my beloved friends never forget to pray Allah put them amongst the grateful ones. Yes, sometimes by passion, we accidentally forgotten what we already have for dreams we have not yet accomplish. It is definitely not wrong to dream for the the highest, but should not forget what is still left with us. Feeling unsatisfied is a nature. Just do not let it eat you alive. Think about the remaining energy, loved ones and whatever arranged meticulously  by the All-Wise we still have. 

That was what I learnt throughout my inferiority tangle. I know I am nobody since years ago. Thinking too much about what we don't have is wasteful. I realize there isn't much talent I can contribute compared to those I officially call as the GPs but I learnt 'gratefulness'. I still have something especially the faith, believing there is none but One. My marks are average and with ups and downs. Still, I believe Him. I am grateful. Hope this lasts 'till the last breath. If I break down, I know there are concerning people who send messages or wake me up back on track.

I want to remind that beyond praying for excellent achievements, should not forget to pray to be among the grateful ones, istiqamah and have the faith preserved. 
Enough with the exams drama, I also want to remind that apart from praying for my exams results, do pray for a new laptop for me okay! Haha. And my Europe Tour vacation chance which has not yet come. Huh. Whatever.

p/s: It is too, an essay drilling. Imagining about extensive English classes other than Arabic. Need to uplift my language. I repeat, IMAGINING. Kih3


  1. gratitude is one of the most important thing i guess. alahai cik adik, your english... herm... superb. wahh~ europe trip, best2!! looking forward to read about your journey after this. =) have fun with everything okay including exams. salam

  2. wee... ceit, superb la sgt, kak... haha. me too, looking forward to walk out Egypt 1 day... syukran2...