Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scrap That

Yesterday the PC guy said my 'baby' will be sent to the Samsung manufacturer or whatever they call a place for accidentally-stepped-on external hard disk. Luckily the step was light and as soon as I realised the terror, I wept hysterically and did one of the stages of loss. It is called, 'projection'. By definition, blaming others because I was not always resistant to loss.  I shall name the consequence of such situation as the reborn of an amnesiac external hard disk. Poor baby! 

All my course notes for people of next generation, pictures of moments, songs collection, videos and who-knows-else can never be saved but that is not the main reason I broke out. 

Mostly, I cry out of my own stupidity. Kan lebih bijak kalau aku letak si nipis tu ke tepi sedikit... Itulah, bak kata Mak yang marah aku kerana cipta hobi menyalahkan manusia lain, "Benda dah jadi..." Lepas tu aku buat muncung macam budak gedik terencat.

The only thing which I put into back up file is 'Diary for M's Children' even though I didn't update that copy. Haha. I sound like a granny already. It just popped into my mind, inspired by a senior who was given the chance to read her mother's writings then felt touched at the end. Not that I want my child to cry for me or adore me. It's just that, what if I make a full guidebook-like diary? What to do if you gotta cook, packing for college student holidays or  if you hate someone (this is MAJOR issue, GIRLS)... Yeah, those sort of things. I used the humble Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 application. 

Right... These days I'm thinking about 'My Future Wedding Scrapbook" project. Sedangkan projek sedia ada semacam hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Don't worry M, that I confirm won't exist. MALAS MENAIP, TAU TAK??? Ececeh capital letters konon marah.

Amoi 2: Dah jangan nak melarat.
M: Entah, nak mula merepek macam orang meroyan pulak... Eee, meroyan? Mintak jauh (gaya Datin Sally)...

p/s: Progress of back-to-school shopping gone through slow flow. Tension I tau, sebab rambang mata di kedai Harvey Norman hari tu. 

     Amoi 1: Trauma lettew...
             M: Supertrauma.


  1. sejak bila kau buat project "diary for M children" tu??tak taw pun ak..pastikan termasuk ak sekali..biar sume grandchildrn ko kenal ak..haha

    p/s: ak free je bila2 nak diskus sal brg umah

  2. haha. dh nme diari, x kn la announce 1 dunia... kalo rajin inform la mrk2 tu ye...