Friday, November 11, 2011

Purplish Hill

Her disaster was heat. 
Hotness that rips.
Mine was frost.
Coldness that bites.

(Maya  Dealove, November 10, 2011
Both hurts.

Perhaps this is it. All grudges should be in history. The urge for this mind to understand them or at least, be kind to. One of them who I once decided not to include into future timeline while I must to do so. Others were slaves of lust and pathetic impolite fellows and jerks. May I choose moderation over rage and cold shoulder. So that warm water blows angry fire.  This is a suggestion, not yet an action. 

Jordan trip was my days of thinking. Done with the mission. 

Memory of November 8, 2011. M for Metamorphosis where the word, 'maturity' is insufficient already. 

p/s: Officially 20 years and 3 days old. Oh yeah, every time I post, I feel sort of Deja Vu phenomenon. Or could it be attitude issue? Could it be misleading brain efficiency? LOL

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