Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ya El Medan

As you listen to one's experience, you'll meet successful and failed people in specific things such as competition, exam or even tackling one they fallen in love to. If this year you're sitting for Malaysia's well known big examination, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), you'll be confused, all anxious and curious about what is going to happen. Typical responses of meeting new events. 

During high school, when I was in Form 5, one motivator told, "Don't listen to failed people. They'll say to you that everything was too hard and terrify you."

Two years before (or maybe during primary school. I don't exactly recall.) one motivator said, "Failed people claim they had done everything or did the best but then failed whereas a succeed person is someone who's at first, hesitate what he done 'till he achieved tremendously, when people ask, "How?"." 

Wouldn't you agree? Like most rules, not always but commonly.

I knew all of the failure-alert responses are just normal psychological defense mechanism even before I take Psychology subject at Cairo University last semester. Of course, mother is a full time high school counselor. 

I lived for 20 years now. Alhamdulillah. Obviously, both success and failure are cures. Based on my limited knowledge, I summarize that you need accurate 'dose absorption proportions' for your own life story. Ordinary girl like me requires 90% from successful persons and 10% from failed ones. I suggest brave fellows  take both equally 100% where your profit will increase up to 200%. For ones with invincible mental components. 

We need to analyze a failure for we are responsible to put innovative measures in fixing errors in their problem solving methods. And so, the 10% lesson. Amateurs need motivation more. I was wrong as I scared one junior about circumstances in Medicine even my intention was just to make her prepared for any outcomes. They still lack of identity. Most of juniors unable to guide but need examples or guidance. 

It doesn't mean if you failed once, you'll fail forever. Especially Muslims, we are meant to be successful and guide human race to the right path. Girls, please do not  over-react after you heard of someone's failure. Take the lesson, learn (analyze), think and then act! Because failed people are meant to be muchmuchmuch MORE successful in the future and because they're strong ENOUGH for that particular failure.

I'm not speaking about failure. I'm speaking about success. My this year's personal theme is, 'Success and Greatness'. It will be a challenging one. The previous years were more laid back although I cried and forced myself to insomnia (thanks to caffeine) so that I finish re-memorizing the whole bunch of Anatomy books. Third year is like a transition from High School's  Form 3 to Form 4. 

WED (11 / 01 / 11) Pathology, 10 am - 12 pm
SUN (15 / 01 /11) Parasitology, 10 am -11 am
WED (18 / 01 / 11) Pharmacology, 10 am - 12 pm
SUN (22 / 01 / 11) Microbiology, 10 am - 11.30 am

May Mid-Year Examination be a medium of thankfulness of a girl to her Lord.

What's your El-Medan?

p/s: I've tasted D's in Additional Mathematics (I think but usually B's or C's), Chemistry (because internet addiction LOL), very frequent B's and C's for all Science stream subjects, History (Silly teacher. Just because I wrote in point forms.   :P) and still wondering how people constantly got A1 in those, not in SPM (where there's graph adjusting). Bila jealous dlm hati cakap, "Skema betul mereka ni A memanjang."  Mesti kau org takut campur risau, pasal prestasi aku agak berbahaya. 


  1. ohoih terasa terasa. hahaha

    kalau zida, kena belajar dari kejayaan jugak, sebab apa, sekali dah fail tu, huh memang akan terus benci subjek tu sampai terbawak2 ke-fail-an tu ke lain masa.

    contohnya Add Math haritu. HAHAHA sampai sekarang tak suka!!

    psss.boleh hantar artikel ni kat kehkeh

  2. tahu takpe. kali pertama kter dpt A1 Sejarah siap sayang cikgu Madihah gler2 ahh... kdg2 patut pekena dose cemerlang gak. asik2 soalan exam susah sampai sakit jantung xley gak kan.. huhu