Monday, April 30, 2012

Yellow Memos

Captured Moment. Friends I love.
A: Mari aku ‘sWEET’kan kau.


A: PheeeWEET…

B: … -_______- (What duh?)

Me: (Genius!) 

Time Machine. Valued Archive.

His last days (with too few loyal friends) really broke my heart.

Being Too Hard on Others. Useful Advice.

"Jangan sampai Adik benci kau."

Since then, I promised to make him happy as much as I can.

p/s: apology to whom I expressed my verbal fury in inappropriate ways. I left too many scars.

Amoi 1: Jangan sampai kawan benci kau dalam diam.
Amoi 2: Maintain cuteness. 

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