Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Girls tend to make conclusions.

Thereby, as one who keeps complete set of karyotype 46+XX, I shall say  that I put foul words (conclusions) behind people's back. Not everyday, just that particular day. Dah berabad aku tak kutuk orang sebegitu. I was relieved temporarily but now feeling bad. 

My usual fashion is face to face. 
Suddenly, it just happened. I have insignificant reason for those conclusive, assumptive words. I was so angry and annoyed. See, so irrelevant, illogical reason. I am ready to know anyone feeling of stomping me. Anyone who noticed my rude unconscious acts or heard me slamming heartbreaking words about them. I will by person, say sorry and this is NOT an apology post. Just to remind, whatever happens, I do not hate you. I sincerely love everyone.

Not to mention,  from the first day we know each others' faces caused bad impression. My dear, the second thing I knew about you was untidiness, worsened by your action of letting go small rubbish pieces to the floor. I just can't help with that kind of stigma on people throwing rubbish or piling stuffs on the floor. 

When I was in high school, I saw my friend throwing away bus ticket onto the ground.

"Selalunya aku tak suka org buat macam tu." I was stunted by my words too. Was that me? Erk. 

I always want to say this ever since first year being undergraduate. Unfortunately, it became an unsettled business until it broke into talking behind people's back. I want to say THE small matter directly but I can't. People might denounce me anti-social. There, bad conclusions once more.

I take NEATness really serious. I do not mean I am infinite tidy, well-groomed or fancily appareled whatsoever. I am very practical and needing better management in life. Needless to say, you can just tell whether or not selekeh is selekeh. Let's say if I stain my hijab with gravy, I'll bravely say, "Ish, selekehnya aku." But that is not an issue, not the definition to be stressed on. Just clean the greasy spot, like a pro. Tadaa...

I would like to correct a statement which claimed, "Yang penting (good virtues, heart etc...), ish tak baik aku jadi org tak bersyukur." Criticizing our own self does not lead  toward ungratefulness. Ungratefulness sounds like this,

"I hate my cheeks. It's not as anorexic as the models up there," says Tina Hyena during a runway show.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah... Lots of 'progression'. What are my sins to be borne in this dirty poor family?"

Personally, it's right to question if we did our appearance conveniently or just another scene of mess. It's right to say you're selekeh if you try fixing what to be fixed, later on, because selekehness is another subject, totally further apart from the entity of ungratefulness.

Returning to the main idea, selekeh/untidy in my opinion means:-

  • dirty
  • messy
  • excessive eating
  • excessive complaining, not trying to endure a bit of hardship
  • bad body posture

Amoi 1: The paradoxes of above list are M's 2013 New Year's resolution.
M: To vanquish inappropriate tendencies.

Bad body posture? (take care of your bones, ladies!)

Amoi 2: Pop Pop Pop Tebabo [sound effects]
M: ...

p/s: essay drilling is vital.

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