Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hold Your Position

Talking about Monday morning sense of humour,

Housemate S: Is this what it's like to be medics students?
Me: Which part, the infinite syllabuses or the last minute studying (referring to myself) part? Hahaha.

The above was before we left house for Pharmacology Paper 1 exam. I remember my promise at the beginning of semester. I'll reward myself a solid jade bangle if I exceed my former grades record. 

Keep that in our empty Borio chocolate sandwich biscuits. We got bigger issue:

Paper 2 Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, oral Pharmacology, theoretical Microbiology, theoretical Parasitology and oral Parasitology. Tadaa... they made number 3 (3 subjects) take long time to accomplish. 

Alhamdulillah, all Pathology exams have end. 0.5 kg unloaded. This week is ultimate week of Pharmacology, boys and girls.

It's nearly the end of third year. The summer heat and Final Exams are finish line. Do not know what waits in the next race, but right now, all we have is the present time. 

Apart from being distracted between worry for exams and ambitions to execute for summer vacation, a tiny matter I name, 'Standards Stocks'. The more anxious you become, the lower standards you put. Like how investments roll, if they are risky, people take back their money to avoid loss. 

Opening semester: JADE BANGLE

I took back my money=efforts from investing into jade bangle. I went for a less risky one, the Fourth Year. Surely, with the same amount of efforts. Not a 'penny' reduced though I moved to a much cheaper stock. 

Obviously, to avoid a form of loss, severe disappointment due to high standards not consummated. 

Amoi 1: The form of escapism, blame it on your endogenous opioid peptides, if you got what I mean...
M: Wink!

Talking about two days before the very first Pharmacology paper,

Housemate L: Would you like to go out? (Kitten face)
M: Yeah, I know you need a pal for baking ingredients search. Tension much? No, I would not... Hahaha.

Poor girl.

Amoi 2: You're so mean!
M: Eh?

To ease mind from book hours, some go out for a walk, some may bake. Like this little cute girl. 

p/s: thabat makanak.


  1. A totallll effective weight-reducing agent - our EXAM. oh. May Allah ease our way and bless us all. Dear, i want to enter forth year too! :) lebiu, M!

  2. anything about weight-reducing.
    maybe even your skull mass will be reduced post-exam.
    maybe your purse, anger-rage shopping. haha.

    lebiu too.

    p/s: This post sounds hippie. Tak rasa ke? Haha. Tetiba.