Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twenty Six

I am happy I am able to spend my summer with my family.
I was sad and anxious during the last seconds the plane started to land.

Will I be a different person, or will I return to the way I was? Will the bad people I've encountered during my rebellious teenage point finger at me, telling everyone that I was once guilty?

Alhamdulillah, it is day 26 of fasting. No such bad people came to me to grin or even point their fingers on my face to my disgrace. 

Adventurous high school moments. This morning I found a button badge signing, "Badan Disiplin SAMTH 2008" while clearing up my cupboard. 

"Disiplin?" I laughed.

A school prefect I was, a bad judgement the teacher who recommended me for prefect candidate had. To think again, I think I was a 'corrupted prefect'.  I didn't do much for school and definitely, I didn't want to mess up with other students. 

I must make good ties with the goodies and the baddies.  So what if you bring cell phone, your scarfs do not follow school's standards, I don't care. As long as you were not rude to me. 

"Siapa yang bagitau cikgu yang H bawak handphone ni?" stressed out, I asked one of my innocent colleagues.   

Gangster much? Muehehe. Since then, the  classmate who was suspected telling the teacher about the phone was hated for the rest of our fifth year in that school. Of course, by my two girls, including H herself. Oh yeah padan muka.

Then there were my awards, just some school's achievements stuff. I have rights to brag about me being the only student in my school who got 1A for English for Science and Technology (EST) for SPM examination. 

After all, what else can I boast about since my Final Exam score this semester was only Jaiyid Jiddan (read: Good, which is lower than Best). As expected, horrible Microbiology marks. 

"So Mr. Microbiology Muggle, do you think I REALLY care about that Jaiyid grade? I DON'T (teasing face)...!"

We have bigger issue. Ramadhan is leaving us soon... Hmm. 

Selamat menyambut lebaran!

p/s: Wahai semangat Ramadhan, sentiasalah terserap dalam setiap gerak-geriku. Kau pasti akan dirindui. Isk!

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