Monday, September 23, 2013

Biting the Lips

I realised I had a bad habit. I loved biting my lips. One time it was the lower lip. Then another day, upper lip. It depends on which over-dehydrated first. 

Winter season? Oh yeah... behold. A wave of lip-biting weirdos are coming... Worse than Plants vs. Zombies. 

I just felt the urge to remove that tiny, little area of dry epithelium immediately. Was almost an obsession, addiction maybe? 

But hey, I will swim into medical practice soon. In another two and a half years, I mean. Hehe.  By the way, I'll start my fifth year in Kasr al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine by October 19. 

So I need to stop. One day I could send wrong, inappropriate signals! Read this. Hope that I didn't send those awkward messages. Or I already did? Most importantly, I don't want to look disgusting to my friends. (lower my shoulders)

Just imagine, you're a guy. Double the drama, you're a shy type of guy. Off you go to the stage to present the most boring chapter on Earth, with pride, then just 15 minutes through the session, you glance at a side of the lecture hall. 

There you saw a girl, biting her lower lip like she meant it towards you. Oh my. Although all she really did was hating lip balms or Vaseline.  They said it's good to change eye contacts once in a while during presentation. Public speaking thing. They said it would be for a better presentation. Sobs. Poor shy guy. 

Hmm... I literally ruined too many first impressions before. (lower my shoulders even more) 

Da da dum da da dee,
Let's just move on shall we?



  1. their taste are the major turn off
    and quite a complicated imagination you got there