Saturday, December 14, 2013

Better Off Alone

I was so lucky to be chosen as one of participants of a leadership course from 5th December to 8th December held by the embassy and scholarship sponsors.

We were divided into groups. In one of the group sessions, we were instructed to draw a tree/plant that represents us. Then all members, not knowing whose sketches in each paper, guess the personality of the persons who draw them.

Okay, my drawing’s turn.

I drew a bird on a branch to symbolize my one and only brother. One mistaken for a squirrel.

I filled the tree bark with few wrinkles. One interpreted as someone who is the oldest in our group. Hooray! You are good.

Next, another guess,

“This person is lonely,” because I didn't draw other objects around that tree such as human and swing.

I thought I put simplicity statement vividly enough by not adding other structures around my symbolic tree.

Maybe the right sentence is, “This person loves to be left alone.” I don’t know. I should know myself better.

Okay, NOW I feel lonely when I relate to certain issues. Could he/she be true?

p/s: Lately my fantasy is to stand alone watching Nile river in the night. Unfortunately that’s impossible. It’s too unsafe to fulfill that crazy 2013 fantasy and it’s already Disember 14, almost New Year 2014. Lol.

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