Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lacey Flint

We agreed to check out Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlets. Some of the girls prepared aims to several items. Me? I prefer, “I’ll buy something if there’s one catching my eyes.”

I loved shopping, but didn’t plan shopping as part of my UK-Eire trip. I was more into sightseeing. 

So, unfortunately, I couldn’t join the same fun as the girls did. But I was glad to see their bright eyes. I was so easy to be pleased.

Perhaps I was amazingly specific on what I want that none of the items at the brand outlets seem to be good deals to me. 50%, 70% cut off? Still a no. 

Or perhaps designer bags and shoes were too exclusive to a cheap person like me, that I didn't think how I performed in Paediatrics End Round Exam deserved such reward.

As they entered the last store, I entered a bookstore there. How I appreciate the bookworm side of me.  

I usually preferred biographies and factual books but I decided to move to another genre. I saw Nelson Mandela biography but my fingers were only passing by it. 

Since I loved my first chiller novel, I wanted more goose bumps this time.

Alas, I bought ‘Like This, For Ever’ by S. J. Bolton.  

In this novel, a character felt close to me was Lacey. She loved walking near the river at night; while couple of months ago I fantasized doing the same thing with Nile River. 

It is like, “Hey, we have a thing in common, Lacey!”

Luckily, I sublimated that wild fantasy into staring at Cliffs of Moher, Ireland on February 5.

These days, instead of the sky, I tend to choose the sea. Uh-uh. 

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