Monday, September 1, 2014

Write to Distract

Today we sent Adik to UiTM Shah Alam. Only few hours passed, I felt like going back to Shah Alam and be with him, watch him everyday until I return to Cairo. After all, just yesterday, I had to console him about a minor issue. So, just another hug for this sister, please. 

Everyday I wished not to miss his moment stepping into the university. I imagined his admission date would be as late as mid September. Well it was not. Feeling accomplished and sad at the same time. 

Should have just booked early September to fly back to Cairo so that I wouldn't be alone at home. Okay that's overreacting. 

Let's see... My summer journey, apart from the annual must-do Balik Kampung ritual...

- Melaka (Tanjung Kling): wedding
- Kedah: programme, as participants' guide
- Negeri Sembilan: programme, as a participant

Tomorrow, I will be at General Surgery Department of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang for my elective posting, solo. Or do I have friends in Klang area who care to join? I am nervous.

Speaking about the programme in Seremban, it was more of an exposure than real attachment. I could not agree more when the hospital director mentioned that one day is not enough to be familiar with the hospital system nor learning anything. But the programme fulfilled my expectations anyways. 

My group was given Psychiatry Department. You know what, I know nothing about Psychiatry and will only take Psychiatry subject next semester. One thing was for sure, I felt calm in the Psychiatry ward. Even I would love to register myself into that ward. Curiosity, baby. Curiosity. 

I knew I could not hide this tiny passion that I had. But due to false facts on this aspect of Medicine, whether by common people or some in medical field (my personal opinion, my limited observation), I kept my mouth shut. When people ask, "What sort of specialist you want to be?", I'll say, "I'm still exploring." Plus, I am equally interested in Surgery too and I don't know which speciality is most ideal for me. I have not go through housemanship. So far, I love every part of medicine. I have not pick any favourites yet. 

I hated when they identified my group using references as, "Oh, group yang kes obses basuh toilet tu kan?" Of course the patient that we talked to had nothing to do with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, let alone obsessing about cleaning toilets. That's just an example I made up:

Like, "...contohnya, patient yang obses basuh toilet, blah blah blah..." and the audience laughed although the speaker did not intend to make 'obses basuh toilet' a joke. 

What I want to stress here is some of the things that could be embarrassing to our patients. At lunch time, I restricted myself from talking too much about the patient. When a participant asked about our case, I told her the diagnosis and that's it. 

Remember something called, 'respect the patient'?

We are still far away from being a professional. We can't even at least PRETEND like one. 

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