Monday, September 15, 2014

You are a Disease

I felt so lazy to go to hospital tomorrow and guilty not to answer call from F, the Jordan University of Science and Technology  third year student I met at Surgery Clinic when I got back home just after Zuhr prayer and my lunch that Friday. That fellow sure knows how to fit quickly into the hospital's system. 

That Friday, I thought I could settle some documentation tasks but I was wrong. I thought I had all the information I needed but apparently, I had none. My fault.

Adik got class at 10.30 am tomorrow. I jokingly persuaded him to skip class. Can't I just follow him everywhere? Hehe. Psycho sister. 

By the way, I am trying to plant this idea in my head.

"Laziness is a disease. Do ANYthing to cure it."

We know how not washing hands regularly can worsen nosocomial infection spread. Hence, we wash our hands often. Certain medical students, if not all, they 'know too much'. The more you know, the easier for you to be scared. I myself sometimes hesitant to go out just because I saw one or two trauma cases. 

Take another example. We know what danger out there in the dark, in the dim of the night. We don't walk alone on poorly lit streets.

The truth is, I am not sure how these examples relate to what I am trying to say. 

Finally, I'll try my best to take step against or avoid any forms of laziness. I'll go to the hospital. May the last week of this elective posting be not wasted. I don't do this every year like some of other students did. So, I am not wasting my time. 

Major guilt for my Sunday evening. Just now, I just found out that I've been lining up for toilet the wrong way. Here's what I found. I am sorry for my ignorance. I did not find the rationale behind that way (the right way) of queuing . So I just budged in the old, rude way.

I asked of the people in line, "Why were you all waiting so far away?"
One of the ladies said, "We are queuing."
I was like, "Why not in front of the toilet cubicles?"

They did not know how to explain. Now that I know the reason why it is the most mannered way to queue for the toilet, I'll make amends by not repeating the same uncivilized act. 

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