Sunday, March 13, 2016


"Saya nak Nasi Ayam."

"Err, Ayamnya masak bila, ya?" I was impressed that my awkward and shy younger brother boldly asked that just to be safe.

Amoi: OCD in the making?
M: More to PTSD (metaphorically speaking).

The waiter was speechless and
 I was like, "The waiter won't answer that," I smiled and my jaw dropped at the same time.

Okay, the Chicken Rice arrived at our table.

"Apa kata Mak makan dulu. Mak mesti lapar," since Mak's Roti Canai had not arrive yet. Yeah, right. It was his way of early inspection. Long ago, Adik had a bad Chicken Rice experience.

So I started to make a joke about Adik's maggot story.
 I hoped two guys next to our table did not hear us talking about fly eggs.

No maggots. All clear and of course, he did another careful examination before he took the first bite.

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