Sunday, May 31, 2009

MEEL 01- INTEC: Goodbye Home (Chapter One)

Have you ever wondered in such ways psychological attack; be it by concious or instantaneously, can really affect your actions? That happened to me. First moment I stepped in the International Education Centre (INTEC) UiTM hostel located in Section 18, Shah Alam I was almost stunned, thinking that there will be all those smart students being gathered at one single place. But then I made myself cool down. “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” I reminded myself. The reminder blown up into pieces when I walked after the gate:-

First attack, “Smart Students”

Second attack, “Are those seniors? I looked like a donkey in the city”

From my observations, we will become panic, anxious or hysterically worry if we do not have enough information or ideas. So the best way is we should always try to make ourselves prepared or just be rational. Planning is everything even though we must still hold to the principle, “Man proposes, God disposes”. I am attracted to Miss Hasnaa’s statement, “Being nervous is normal.” That was absolutely true. It is not whether you can remain calm all the time or vice versa. Humans have adrenal gland to produce adrenaline, a type of hormone which can increase heart beat rates. So from that you get the uneasy feeling when you are nervous. Even Janice Dickinson admits the roles of adrenaline in modelling.

Back to the adrenaline matter, you should not be stopped by your own nervousness. It is all about how much you can channel that adrenaline into your actions. Also, to ensure how much your brain can help you to make things positive. Yes, our mind plays huge vital roles in our actions. Do not be surprised if right after you say to yourself that you could not remember a thing regarding to the facts in the Biology book, the next day you have to crawl to get the memories back.

Overall, I found that most of the students in my class were not that aggressive like an old friend of mine. That old friend was so different from the others. Still, I belief one day when everyone in MEG5 starting to know each other better, I’ll find the real sides of my new friends.

I missed my old pal, because she taught me so much of standing to our own principles and beliefs. Usually, she would be the one that we admire in my former class during high school. And for your information, sometimes we as a duo had strong influence to our friends. In social skills, we should be more constructive. Everybody knows the value to raise one’s motivation and self confidence is priceless.Based on the proverb, "A friend in need is a friend indeed", the meaning of having a friend is to have a friend who support us when we feel down and will remind us if we are lost. Will I find that kind of friendship with a new friend perhaps? May these three months be worth it all.

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