Friday, June 5, 2009

INTEC: Goodbye Home (Chapter Two)

(This is the 2nd June 2009 post)
Things have been calmer these days. I had already prepared next English for Pre-Medical Student presentation. Yesterday I said, “That’s it for tonight,” Without alarming notice, the clock needles pointed to 12 am. I got my good sleep, wake up the next morning, get all dressed up and went downstairs and get on the bus.

So as usual, I felt uneasy and I did not know why. Did I left something? My purse? Was it my pendrive? Or perhaps my notes? Then I felt pity for a guy who was clearly about to ask the bus driver to stop, as he left something at the hostel. Too bad, it was too late.

“Oh my! Knew it!”

I was too obsessed of the assignments and catching up for the front seat at the class. Hush, I tried to text Nik if she still in the room. Another element of shock; all my room mates had taken their board on the bus. My bad luck. I left my English textbook at the hostel.

‘Bad luck’. Often I reminisize back those past sins I’ve done. Maybe this was one of the compensation. Or maybe this is only a test. The most theoretical possibility, monosodium glutamate level in my neurones reached upon limits and that caused I lost some memory (have not done further research about that). Clumsy, yesterday night I stared at the green book like it has nothing to do with tomorrow’s lesson. I think I need good memory management in my mind. There were times I got twisted with my words or speaking using upside down words. Can you imagine your friend saying, “book, I give you already, library,”?

When I get there, at INTEC I went to another option. Aha, Aisyah Aina… She got English class too today. I asked at what time was the class and marvelous, I borrowed her book and promised to return it right after class. No big deal, I dealt with these back in high school. Moral of the story, if you are a doctor, steer clear of carelessness because your patient will meet death if you repeat the same foolish mistake.

“What? Today we are going to present our discussion results? What happened to me? The info I get was, it is going to be tomorrow, this 3rd of June.”

Do not say that now I’m being a deaf silly girl. Argh!!! The slides were in my laptop, and the laptop was at the hostel. Serves me right! Like I said, I always get stuck in silly fall. It’s like you’re getting 79% score, almost reaching passing grade. So it happened to be a verbal presentation.

Alright, I have done with today’s presentation. Today’s presentation, checked!
Now I am recognizing pathways to a small number of blocks and departments in INTEC. I tried to explore them by myself for a thrill and I know how to remember their locations based from reference points or signs.

However it is, the day has ended and it’s almost time to go to bed. Ya Allah my Lord, may tomorrow be a better day than today.

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