Friday, June 26, 2009

Melancholy Chronology

I don't understand about many things. I can't even understand myself. While we as the students whom in preparation for entering medical course is searching for lots of complex terms in Physiology, Biochemistry or Biology, we do not understand who we really are.

Tonight I am being a little over-melancholy, because it is my nature. It's just that the breeze came through very huskily, embarking that mood. And while I am typing in today's post, the air of the night soaks into my skin. Aisyah Aina almost 'thrown out' because of that sentimental phrases and poise I've spitted.

Praised be to God, I am now becoming more focus. I hope The Almighty grant my wish, which is to get more concentration on what I am doing. Hyperactive? Oh, no! You're mistaken. I do not have such disorder okay. Today at the library finally we finished the whole 'mocking role-play script'. Never expect I would get the idea. Well, that is what pair or group discussions are for; to discover ideas and to unlock the creativity from our unconscious mind.

Never have thought we will be intoxicated till 1645. Wow! Awesome... Back to our hostel, I felt really tired but satisfied. At least I do not delay whatever I've planned for today.

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