Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Like always, I did not fall asleep during MEEL 01 class. We just won’t feel sleepy in that class. Other than provocations, there were lots of discussions all way through. One question needed more than half an hour towards its exact answer. Well, one of the topics I can still remember is about ‘non-starchy vegetables’. Lots of arguments get into our way and it was clearly a healthy kind of debate. This reminded me of my debates with my old school friends. The fact that one day we discussed about social issues after class took us about one to two hours. When we start to do the talking thing, there will be absolutely no such thing as ‘time’s up’ or ‘it’s been too long now’. That’s right. One topic leads to another and the list goes on.

I think I am satisfied for today. Can’t wait for another life’s episodes. Wow! Tomorrow’s the day where we’ll have our first quiz. It’s biochemistry ladies and gentlemen. Hmm, chemistry, my favourite subject. I still doubt if I can make excellent answers for the Biochemistry quiz questions. Well, you’ll never know until you try.

I’ve studied the topics related to the questions in the quiz and I need to add some essence into my revisions. There you go! Maya Dealove, you can do it! Could not fool myself that I am forgetful too. So I better calm down so that I can think right. Yesterday when Miss Hasnaa asked us do dash into writing whatever we want, I wrote about colours. I was shocked that there were some of us who wrote long paragraphs! And there was even a student who wrote in three paragraphs. Me? Hehe… I wrote just one over third of the page.

Now I am addicted to stay back at the library, with its silence, cold temperature and the smell of the books. What a tranquility… I love places with lots of books in it, despite I do not read much except for academic purposes. I might have to consider if there is something suspicious about my blood circulatory system or my hormones. I sweat a lot at certain times. To other factor, maybe it is because of temperature change. When I was working part time in an air conditioned restaurant, I get sweating most of the time, by which without air conditioner presence. That was odd because during school time, I do not feel hot that easy. I even feel cold when my mother says, “It’s so hot in this room.” Like Aina, my room mate said, “You’re a metabolism rocket, don’t you know?”

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