Monday, June 8, 2009

A Shoulder to Cry On

What if you had been chosen to help people? Or what would you do if someone is in the trouble you would never being in? I bet we as the 'normal' persons have never been bugged by these questions. But have we ever wonder what is it like to live in the darkest path ever? Beneath these contemporay smart looking students, could you guess if he or she have been into any kind of slithering darkness?
Yesterday I called that friend of mine and I'm pretty much sure she needed help. I told her that the problems she had now came from her own decisions. I adviced her to take wise actions, intead of going into a way influenced by terror and desperaRemove Formatting from selectiontion. My message yesterday to her,
"Do not feel alone because God always watch you, do not afraid to try to the better because your fate is in His hands. When you are all by yourself, find someone who can guide so that satan's seduction will not invade you."
Like in the second time in my life I asked her, "When are you going to change?"
Commonly, any human being have the capability of making excuses. I understood though. It's not easy to change someone else, but it's harder to change ourselves. Every night and day I prayed for her best, hoping that one day she find that enlightment in which to save her mind, body and soul. She chose the wong way, and she should turn back before it's too late.
It's been a long time I haven't heard about her, but two or three days ago I found out that she made herself into another hot soup! Dear friend, when will you ever get it?
Then whenever she got a problem (she usually got herself into big predicaments) she'll call me or make me to call her. During Biology class, she sent an SMS saying she needed someone to talk. Of course, we have our priorities. I was more concern to get deep assesment to my lessons that time. So I ignored and decided to call her during lunch hour.
Right at almost 12.30 pm, she didn't answer. I hope there's nothing bad happen to her. This was not Maya Dealove's first case. Indeed, she is not the official counsellor or psychologist, she is the shoulder to cry on.

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