Friday, June 5, 2009


Breaking News- Maya Dealove had taken the whole attention of the people in the Rapid KL bus yesterday. She was suspected to lose balance when the driver did the lapping. The victim, a female UiTM main campus student. The student looked pretty shocked, perhaps still in trauma by the current occurrence.

Pooh, it’s not my fault though. That was the second time I almost fell down in a Rapid KL bus. However, yesterday’s was the worst. My roommate even added that I had also stepped on someone’s feet while trying to get my body balance back. Not forget to mention, I think I accidently pushed her shoulder and by that time she was sitting. Hmm, it was quiet a huge force. Oh dear, sorry… I said sorry and it’s not enough. I covered my face with the X-ray envelop.

If you think the girls’ laugh was the loudest, you’re wrong. I had humiliated myself, and I was the first to burst out, laughing. Whatever…

Then when we have to exchange our transport, I said, “Enough, no more bus.”

So off we went to our hostel at Section 18, Shah Alam safely. I told the two other girls who was now taking preparation course to Jordan, “If the secret is prevailed, it’s because of you. remember that.” But now the secret is known, and that’s because of me. Haha.

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