Tuesday, June 23, 2009

52 Hours Non-Stop Multilingual Public Speaking

The days have rose but I wait for nothing but progress blooms in our common days. Time seemed relax, but neither could we rest by it. I have not start to put anything in my MEEL 01 subject Folio, but I've gathered some details about the disease I wanted to present in front of our dearest lecturer. My aim for this week is to start typing.

But for this second, it is not about those obligated assignments I want to unveil, but it is about one craziest thing I ever did in my life. At about 0300 or 0315 on the 23rd of June 2009, I did my first Arabic Language Public speaking. It was such a metamorphosis in my life. Thought of staying in English Language specialties when speaking about non-academic matters, but I asked myself, "When will I do spoken Arabic language? Must do something!"

Long time ago I almost swore not to involve in any events related to spoken Arabic Language. That is why, once again, I cannot believe I did it. Wow, was that me talking in Arabic Language there? Someone called me right at 1208(according to my mobile phone's clock) and mentioned, "Is this ?"

So I just answered, "That's right."

He then replied, "So you have to get ready by now, okay. Just to make sure you come earlier before you start speaking."

I thought during the briefing, arriving two hours earlier before our own turn for public speaking comes was a total joke. Therefore I was wrong. When people call me in the middle of the night, of course I will start to become panic, just not fully freaked out yet. In quiet a heavy drowsiness, I forced myself to neglect the soothing bed sheet.

I thought my memorizing skills were enough, but truthfully, I need at least a week to get into my script. With script? What kind of public speaking was that?

Well, I do not know. I wonder how the public speaking contestants start working on stage. With spontaneous but well arranged phrases, statistics, quotes and idioms, how they can even talk marvelously? How amazing!

I am not an expert at speeches, as I only managed to achieve second place in state level elocution competition. However, the best way to deliver sorts of formal speeches are by your heart, straight from a sincere soul. You may get the ears of your audience, but it is not worthy to act hypocritically. Just remember, speeches are an advice. So take a note that you will not only advising others, but also you are reminding yourself too.

Understanding is everything. We get stressed out if we just cannot understand. Could you just chill yourself if you do not understand what the lecturer was saying to you? To act like you are relaxed and fully understood, that is another thing, and it could cause you more trouble I may suppose.

There are different ways humans convey information to others. My favourite style, I usually start my elocution by singing. I just sing a short chorus of songs that praise God and His Messenger, Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) to get everyone into the mood. As you can see here, I used to get involved in religious speech competition.

Maybe for the time being, let me take a rest from those competitions and more focus to my studies. Whatever it is, to deliver a speech or to give lectures to other people is my passion. Haha. If I am retired doctor, I'll may become a lecturer to present my experience to the new generation. Hopefully so.

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