Sunday, June 14, 2009

Smell: Smell What?

Simple riddle, what comes after a Biochemistry quiz? The answer is Physiology Quiz. Hooray! Cheers to the girl who has not finish revisions. It's Maya Dealove. Hardly forgetting about the incident where maya Dealove left a blank in that slick Biochemistry quiz, she won't quit. Well, the former quiz was not that slick after all. Simple quiz, but maybe I was the one being too paranoid. Next, Physiology Quiz coming up! I'll do everything to finish my revisions. Yeah, go girl!

So back about these whole college scenes. First word comes first, 'hectic'. First time is always busy. First time is always anticipating and full of suspens. To my tiny heart, unlike high school's homeworks, university (or at least pre-university) assignments are awesomely tough. I'm learning to become the thinker, not just based on solid theories, but also in a way that I can create my own range. I mean, I can smell it. Smell what?

It happened that every time we got to move into our tasks, researches are required. From researches, we gain more in terms of understandings and additional information. Like an old pal said, "Get through it untill you can smell it!" Lierally, in my own silly philosophy, smell means feel. Knowledge is like food. If you can't even smell it? How would you get the tantalizing tastes right?

And my first thought, there will be elements really close to what we are learning now, basically. This kind of learning method is so cool! But then, there is a catch. You must also chase after unforgiving time. Therefore, we as a student by hook or by crook, had to compete with time. Talking about compete, one of my principles is "It's not competeing with others, but it's competing with yourself."

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