Monday, February 20, 2012

Chocolates Unite

Monday breakfast desert was Pharmacology Quiz. 

"Indomethacin is one of the MOST potent COX enzyme inhibitors, NOT aspirin."

Later, moment I've been waiting for. It’s learning prescription writing. Since I was small, I've been wondering how a doctor can prescribe medications. My childhood common sense told me that there are thousands weird names to memorize. ‘Paracetamol’ was the first drug scientific name I've known. Thanks to TV ads.

"Ubat ini mengandungi kadar paracetamol yang dibenarkan."  at the end of the commercial.

 I don’t know if I’ll have what it takes in prescribing. But there is one key for the medical practitioner to be. Someone said,

“Common diseases are common.”
May I add, if it’s uncommon, then supposedly my Plan B sounds like, flipping pages, Google or asking professionals. Lifetime learning in brief.

A prescription is something which has Superscription, Inscription, Subscription and Refill (the book says this is not usually necessary.) details. Basic format. Not to mention the doctor's signature, obviously. Daa.

“Berapa banyak –cription daa…,” whispered Siti Shahirah.
I was entertained. 

When we're young, prescription is:

-Sakit: Demam
-Ubat: Demam, batuk, selsema.


-Sakit: Batuk
-Ubat: Batuk

Excitedly, scribbling amateur signature. At least the concept was there. 

I guess my aunty was absolutely ‘genius’ to get me a sort of mini surgery/doctor-role-play/whatever the thing is ('dang' I couldn't find it anywhere on internet) set as a gift. I was a bit stressed at first because it can mean, “M, be a doctor. Be a doctor when you grow up. Be  doctor…!” ghost tone. 

“Since when Im’ma be doctor?” a statement 15 years ago.

Horizons widen. I love Medicine. I love Pharmacology. Wee.

Amoi 2: Shut up.
M: Wee Wee Wee Wee Weeeeeeeee. Okay I’m done.

p/s: Love knowledge,  it will love you back. Yet, Allah's love is unconditional. 

Someone remember this nasyeed? :) Suddenly  I do.

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