Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey Baby

Laziness made me slept from 10.28 pm to 2 am with contacts on. The last song before I shut my eyes was Cold Shoulder by Adele. Played perfectly in this succulent Cairo's coldness. One that bites joints. 

"When will spring come???! Rawr!" The old school friend gasped.

Almost 12 noon at Learning Resource Centre, Kasr el-Ainy. CPR steps were all mixed up. Felt fat. At least a piece of cuteness remains.

Amoi 1: Say what?!!! 
M: Cuteness is not me. This refers to my wild hands. They're cute with wounds due to negligence. Winter malfunctions. Yucks.

(Betulkan muncung tudung.)

One day in the train, I looked to one local little girl with a type of thought. 

"This child soon grow bigger. Soon be the future."

The hope. The ticking clock. 


At the time being, June seems so close now. 3 months do make huge difference than 54 days. Like between 1 week and 7 days. 

Alright... Let us make this post fatter. Because you just can't feed a blog post with chocolates. Duh... 

Found this months ago on my brother's FB wall. 

My brother is my love.  


  1. 'my brother is my love'..

    if i'm ur brother,nk je peluk ketat2.^^

    1. yep, "MY LOVE(nada org Perancis)"

      eceh, punyalah segan sampai Anonymous siap.

      wee... spread the LOVE(nada madonna)...wee... wee(nada mental block)...