Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thick Blood

We only spent Eid holidays in Johor until the third Syawal. 

At the back seat, I asked my brother, "Kalau kau kena describe satu benda tentang aku, apa perkataan pertama yang muncul dalam kepala kau?"
"Pendek!" with his cunning smile.

I laughed. 


I slept after dawn then woke up at about 10 am. I didn't have much time to prepare food so there were just french fries, almost burnt nuggets and chicken balls for him to munch at the hostel. So unhealthy. 

He was amazed at how fast I settled packing up his things. I took that as 'Thank you, you magical sister.' 

On that August 12, we safely arrived at Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka. Mak waved the warmest goodbye and off we went back to Klang. 

"Orang balik dari cuti raya bawak balik ketupat, rendang, kuih raya. Kita bawak french fries!" he joked.

But he didn't even had a single bite of those french fries because of stomachache. Claims that stomachache was since Raya. 

"Aku bagi kawan aku lah. Habis dah," he said.
"Kawan tak ada common sense. At least tinggalkanlah sedikit," I thought.

So I let myself imagine it was just my kind brother who said to them roommates, "Habiskanlah semua. Aku tak nak." 

p/s: just scribbling some small moments with big meanings.

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