Saturday, January 10, 2015


As a quick review about the past two or three weeks,

I only want sugary foods. Chocolates, sweets and sweeter coffee. It was freaky enough to realise I tripled the amount of sugar in my 3 in 1 coffee. You know that 3 in 1 coffee already has sugars in it, right? So yeah.

Is it the winter? Or the hidden stress? I don’t care. At one time while studying, I can grasp firmly and say, “I want sweet foods!”

I almost ate all the candies, given by our neighbour from 10th floor. This year, I have to spend a little more for studies and plan for life after graduation. I need a lot of chocolates that I must allocate a special budget for it. Or if I can restrain myself, I can save money.

Just kidding.

Amoi 1: Actually, no. She’s dead serious. She could eat you, but sprinkles sugars first if she’s desperate enough.
M: Shut up.

But the sweetest of all is to have such a confident, adorable pal.

Aku sekarang nak benda manis je.”
Aku kan ada.”


By the way, do you know that koshary tastes even better with a squeeze of lemon/lime?

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