Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doubted Post: Think I Posted Twice

Cairo University International Day. It’s an out-of-date story, but yesterday, suddenly I remembered one thing. That one single thing which defected my mood that very calm morning. That one senior. Opps, slipped my words. Haha. Like I care.

Well, this is not the blog to hate people or to spread words of hate. I guess she’s just so anti-social kind of thing that she speaks without alert of others might feel. I don’t say direct way of talking isn’t the best way. I’m just saying that the method of delivering words might mean anything. She wasn’t speaking vulgar words, she’s kind, detailed, smart and experienced (of course, she’s a senior. hehh). Maybe it’s just that I haven’t mentally prepared that time huh?

Not saying that I squeezed to death the part of me for that event. Not saying that I did everything for our booth. But coming out of nowhere,

“This is not fushah (standard) Arabic, this one is ammiyah (daily words)” Kak X says

I put my usual fake smile shine that only the experts will notice. “Who are you? Where’re h*** you come from? Do you have the right to talk that WAY (like you’re better, like you’re waYYYYYY more expert)?”

 Well folks, seeing the words might be not provoking enough but seeing the body language, that inner evil of me had been raised. At least I tried to do a fake smile for positivity. Yeah! M is positive.  

(Amoi 1: BUZZER! Be professional M! Not just emotions...)
M: Haha. Thanks Amoi 1. Fuhh.

Then she added other venomous words, “They (Some people that I can’t remember who) will say something for this.”

Then I said, “I referred to a book. It says that it’s still considered fushah

After I replied, she just shut her mouth, like “Oh, okay. But I don’t really care. I still know better than you.” I know that sounds like negative thinking, but sometimes faces tell everything.  She left our humble booth.

“Dia tu tak mcm usia dia. Gaya mcm bdk2 sikit” a kind Kak R  said
M’s heart says, “Alright, I can see that.” hahaha

The point is, not telling you’re wrong. Just telling you not to act like a health inspector, bossily checking around our booth and suddenly criticize something which you don’t really know yet. The brain behind the book was someone with a certification in Arabic language. Pardon me if the author was wrong. Can’t you just ask, “Dari mana dpt ni?” or “Betul ke ni mmg fushah?” Perhaps she should join my high school camp’s group work which teaches us how different tones of the same sentence can mean something.  She looks really smart plus I heard she learns with the Egyptians while most of Malaysian students take classes separated from the Arabs (Fully English). That was the first time I met the uncool senior in Egypt. Could be caused by sins. Haihh

p/s: some TOO-SMART-STUDENTS really need communication skills or shall I say, a little bit of sensitivity?

Amoi 2: Aiyaa M, you terlalu sensitip maa…
M:La, mana dtg pulak Amoi 2 ni? Hee. BTW, I don’t think Kak X meant anything. Apa2 sajalah… :p

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