Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Very disappointing. My prayer had not been granted yet Allah gave me answers. Perhaps. I will never give up, praying so that Allah opens his heart. He, Mr R is still the same. He ruined one girl. Exception if that girl doesn't care at all. I don't know if he bluffed. If I believe the very 100%, I am fool. Those messages looked like sarcasm too. If he really made quiet a joke, stories he weaved  really works but not on me.

This is a really serious matter. Confused enough either to get guilty, angry or sad.  I repeat, he never change. Of course, it's been only one year. One year can't guarantee everything. The saddest thing is that he thinks I am like any other girls I hate most. That is, if you readers can understand but let it be just silent. No assumptions can guess the truth.

That ego... 
He never give it up. Always trying to accomplish his devious seductions. That girl he mentioned may be fool enough, but not me. (As if the girl really exists... Huh. What a 'joke'. I am still thinking he tried to make stories out of his rubbish mind).  

Pasts keep reminding me to behave. I WAS DESPERATELY PATHETIC TO KNOW HIM. My regret.

Dear Mr R... GET A LIFE!

p/s: apalah dugaan nak sambut Eid ni... haihh

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