Sunday, July 26, 2009

Her Cloudy World

My writings are usually gloomy. Can't get rid of the rebellious and dark elements. Haha. So my apologies if this isn't your taste. Want to 'hit' someone in today's post, but that will be too ruthless and unfair. Therefore, my pleasure if you manage to interpret this poem by your own ideas.

Her Cloudy World

Am I trapped in my Neverland?
Air kissed gently my skin
Heat rotten me when I struggled to move out
I look myself as a stranger
I look for invincible ones to caress my heart
The way I am trying to understand humans
Should not they are too?

'Suffer' is not my word
Never even once calmly calculated
For it poised only a bite of my parasitic invasive pain
Have not you see how much I had been nibbled?
That at some moments I broke down on the descents?

I glance at 'tranquility' and 'safety'
but then I turned to abnormalities
Could I take the odds as my own credibility and uniqueness?
Or perhaps I have none of those
Though I prefer loneliness than intricacy by stupid parties
My faith tells me there's an episode so-called 'some day'

May the melodies of mine are heard by the innocents
I write only towards my identity
Like the shortness of these writings
The shortness of my breath follows
To where retardants will lead me
Words are my food, my strength
Fear pushed me
Deep into my ambitions
Changing bogus life and warmth

Dear Lord,
Let me out of it
The genuine world is missing me
Dying for my grasp and fondle
My soar and beautiful struts
My colours and sights
Help me arise these hands to that lofty lustrous sky

-Maya Dealove-

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