Monday, July 13, 2009

Abstract Pack

"To pose a new ideology; sometimes you will be laughed, sometimes you will be hated and the rest, will decide to ignore. Some people may show interest or at least a little bit of respect. But to those who have empty soul and mind, their heads are nothing but toxic rubbish."

How many times have you been forwarded by the word respect? I bet too many uncountable times. Let's not talking personal here. Let's talk professionalism. You are not a joker, yet you are not making any one of silly jokes. What would you think or feel when someone laugh while you are tired, under pressured and are trying to generate some ideas? Would you be without sensitivity or just stay strong? What if you have the symptoms of a paranoia? How much would you want persons around you to understand and willing to accept the way you are?

You may feel amused by the cheer of one little girl, but how much do you can keep on by her side; whether in joy or tears? Creativity is misunderstood by hypocrite people who claim pretending is aristocracy. From the third point of view, a person should learn about respect in listening someone's idea. Ignoring in silence is better than teasing with over-reacted annoying acts. Some of 'us' just have to get through this lesson, 'respect' over again, haven't we?

This is not a writing of dissatisfaction. This is the expression of one's principle. I believe that my experience taking part into academic skills and soft talents can explain everything. Humans process information using the organ, 'brain', not by using feet where feet can only be used to step on this temporary world and to walk. Some people who do not understand the term, 'respect' should try to walk their stunted minds once in a while.

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