Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eye on You

Ak takley nk tahan pandangan. haha. Bongok jerr bunyi nyerr...Bongok lg pe yg ak rasa.

Am I still hoping from a piece of him?
nahhh... no3...! EVER!!!
Am I jealous? YES3... tak guna punya bdk mentah. baru abes SPM dh dpt tempat di hati beliau... Cpt nye dpt pganti... bodoh lg pompuan tuh dari ak.
Pe kaitan ak ngan dia? Takde kaitan... Almost in deep lust-love. Hurghh! Almost in a useless relationship...
Hensem ke dia? Biasa2 jerr, stakat mak bapak kaya kot. Do I look like someone who care bout that?

Apa2 la. I don't owe a thing. But My eyes owe something on you. I repeat, ON YOU!!! I'll never forget YOUR WAY... Oh dear you're so offensive to my heart. Your voice, messages... Everything. But I'm happy you're not mine. HA-HA-HA... I hate you how much that I can't take my eyes on you. I hate you for making yourself so unforgotten.

Few hours before this thought came, I read:-

Aurat : Apa Sudah Jadi?
oleh Ust Hj Zaharuddin Hj Abd Rahman


Penduduk Gaza Protes Mesir Sekat Konvoi, Berita Harian

This is more thoughtful... Heh. Much much convincing than thinking bout this one idiot fellow.

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